A LIFESTYLE Worth Having

We do what we love and we LOVE what we do.

It’s not just about bikes. Riding is about community. Building lasting friendships. This is what it’s all about. Fellowship with one another out on the trail breeds lasting relationships and life long memories. And sure, some GREAT stories… and awesome crashes.


"What ever you do, DON'T look at it. Just send it and see what happens."

-The Flying Unicorn

Riding is also a form of therapy. While two members of our family are no longer with us in this life, Harrison Nguyen and Mike Garrett live on with us in the spirit of every single ride and new adventure.

Riding with people has a way of forming strong bonds and fast friendships. Our family grows with every crash, story, joke and broken bone. We continue to ride for those who are unable to anymore.


Harrison Nguyen
Mike Garrett