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Mobile Bicycle Shop


We conduct bicycle maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and bike builds at your location, delivering the most cost and time effective, efficient and rewarding experience. At the same time, we are eager to share our knowledge  to help you improve your ride through personalized technical assistance and education opportunities.

We’re at your beck and call


Minimum trip charge  $55.00






Safety Inspection, cables and housing inspection, bearing inspection (wheel bearings, bottom bracket, headset, pulley, wheels and pedals, drivetrain cleaning and lubrication (on bike), gear adjustment and calibration, brake cleaning and adjustment, minor wheel truing (on bike), Bolt torque check and adjustment, frame dry cleaning, Test ride.

The best tune ip in town



Basic Service plus: dismount and cleaning of drivetrain and lubrication, wheel truing.



Intermediate Service plus: hub, headset, and bottom bracket bearing cleaning and lubrication.

Pricing does not include parts, and can vary depending on bicycle

Bike boxing for shipping or travel - materials not included    $65.00

Build boxed new bike - price may  vary  $65.00

Build bike frame up - price may vary   $185.00

Build wheel ea. $65.00

Rear shock service - does not include service kit $55.00

Front shock service (Fox, Rock Shocks) - does not include service kit $75.00

Hourly Labor Charge $75.00

Call for additional service pricing

At Bikanics retail is different

With hundreds of brands available, we invite you to make an appointment with us for a pleasant, efficient shopping experience.   We have a great selection of products for all your needs. 

It all starts with a call

We determine the best options and prices

We order your products

And we deliver and install them at your location


Education and Training

Educational opportunities to improve your strategy and perfection your ride, and training to learn how to service your bike. 

Recreation and Travel 

Outstanding cycling experiences  to have fun, learn, and build up technique and strength is part of our core.

Cycling Team Development 

From technical and performance training, all the way to image design and custom jerseys. 


Logistics support for athletes before, during and after competitions.


Corporate programs to promote healthy living among your team, or make cycling part of your wellness program.


Trips, rides with friends, competitions, fundraisers, or any type of bicycle event, from planning and preparation to finish.